In addition to scoring music with incredible amount of detail, we also use extreme arrangements and melodies beyond your imagination.


Every high quality score that is produced here is not just innovative, but composed with absolute passion until the deadline of delivery.


Our movie scores consist of outstanding and evocative compositions which will give your visuals to an entirely different entertainment level.

Scoring for Multimedia

We offer High Quality Soundtracks for Motion Pictures: Film, Television, and various Game Systems. Furthermore, we produce at affordable rates and guarantee that the excellence of the high quality music production service we offer will without any doubt exceed every clients expectation in many ways.

The highlight of our soundtrack production service lies on the incredible amount of detail, providing a powerful atmosphere and sense of continuity for any project. Furthermore, we pride ourselves in the multitude of highly professional results we can deliver to our customers because, the music we offer here is produced with a very well - marked technical and artistic understanding, without following common trends.

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Thanks to remarkable composer and musical talent Rolf Vohs, our soundtracks guarantee immeasurable size of success through high quality scores. You will also notice how easy it is to give your video games and also advertisements a truly immense attention boost through the prime excellence of our high quality music, professional film scoring and soundtrack production. Furthermore, the approach used for our modern, yet eminently proficient music production is extremely superior in terms of expressiveness and arrangement.

We offer you outstanding high quality soundtrack and film score production music.

Our film scores or soundtracks are crafted with special care and with customers in mind. They also excel that of pre-canned music loops, and are available as royalty free music. However, but with incredible detail.

Now why choose us? The answer lies within the quality of our soundtrack production music:

As with many forms of todays visual media, the success is most directly reflected upon the quality of the score since visuals alone form a single entity, but when combined with a true high quality soundtrack they form a fusion of powerful art where music acts much more than a fundamental harmonious complement.

A good musical score for your film will give immense emotional focus, defines the location of the actual film, amount of action, and even the speed, just to name a few. This is the reason why experienced film directors, including video game companies are so cautious about choosing the right music, because it will have a big impact on whether they will succeed or fail to reach the public and, unfortunately this means a loss of very high income from under some circumstances. This does not only include film or video game producers but, to a lesser degree also companies aiming to sell their product via television commercials. Therefore, when we actually understand our customers project, we carefuly produce musical scores which harmonize with the theme and every visual element, giving the viewer a more complete experience and therefore increasing the success rate of your business. This entirely depends on the expertise of the soundtrack producer. As an autist, which are individuals known to be rare geniuses in their interest spectrum, our composer Rolf Vohs is considered as an exceptional talent in music composition and therefore recommended for scoring tasks.

Businesses should make use of our high quality soundtracks and film scoring productions because the relevance of choosing compelling music, specifically great film scores, is a substantially crucial aspect.

Some individuals and companies, especially smaller ones, tend to buy off music compilations, but this is a mistake in first place since these film scores do not meet the required criteria to properly correlate or fuse with their film which often leads to a lack of audio-visual association causing a public detrimenting effect. Film score compilations that tend to be groovy might work for some sequences but eventually at some point the glue between the soundtrack and film is missing and the fact that compilations were used becomes even more apparent due to those abrupt transitions, especially in the melodic aspect. Which is why custom soundtrack productions should not be ignored. A bad film score production company may even harm your reputation, no matter how big your budget for the film was. No matter how reputable your film or game.

Again, to choose professional soundtrack production music for motion pictures is more than a mere accessory, it evolved into an absolute necessity, and should be of equal priority as a script, which is why we offer our high quality film music production services for multimedia. We can help you create the blockbuster music you desire. It will be overwhelmingly deluxe, genuine musical. Every soundtrack production we do is far beyond average. Every score we produce has to have the potential to stay memorable for the listener.

Normaly the music defines the end result of your projects success. If you have a appealing soundtrack or film score, there is no need for fear or trepedition that your project might fail, which is exactly why we do our very best to help customers achieve their goals with irresistible and professional soundtrack productions.

Our music production services are competent, offering the best high quality incidental music for all modern and professional audio formats (WAV, AIFF, etc...) and also with maximum quality output conversions.

Producing professional soundtrack and best quality film score music is our passion.

No more searching. No more waiting. We help you succeed!

Trust in us and challenge us!

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