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Future Racer

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The Flying Carpet

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Time Reaction

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Alien Hunt

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Journey to Afrika

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Soundtrack Production and Film Score Productions

Diagnosed with autism and extraordinary talent in music composition, Rolf Vohs conceives of music being a unified collection of dreams and the most complex form of human communication, induced through a plurality of dense emotions.

Rolf Vohs was born in Bonn in the year 1989. His family raised him in a musical environment where he commenced to admire the work of Brahms, Vivaldi, Beethoven, Mozart and undubitably Bach at a very young age. Due to an international education he communicates in English, German and Spanish in a fluent manner. He enjoyed the first 12 years in Europe and additional 8 years in South America. In the latter, Rolf Vohs graduated from high school and 2011 emigrated to Switzerland where he lives and refines his skills as a composer. There he was diagnosed with autism, specifically the high functioning type or what is commonly known as asperger syndrome. These individuals demonstrate profound and prodigious capacities or abilities far in excess of what would be considered normal. In the case of Rolf Vohs this is music composition and an unusual inclination towards details. The Diagnosis was officially performed in Switzerland by Dr. Jennifer Niemeyer from the UPD (Universitäre Psychiatrische Dienste, Bern). Although the results were initially shocking, he learned to live with such a mental burden, e.g lack of empathy, and use it as a musical advantage over neurotypical individuals who do not exhibit such symptoms.

A year later high sensitivity to sound, has been ascertained, something that has been existent since his childhood and a reason for his ability to detect details and sound unheared by a vast majority.
He now works as a free employee for various sample library companies where he contributes to the quality control of recorded instruments, not to mentioned identification of program errors.

Rolf is well-acquainted when it comes to composing for major genres but with freedom of adding his own style which usually concludes to a product different from what is common. Worth noting is that emphasis lies on complex yet emotional orchestral scores. In order to do so he pushes the boundaries of sample libraries.
Furthermore, innovation is of utmost importance, and his deep Baroque influence, and therefore love for polyphony, gives him access to world fresh musical concepts.

On request for a study Rolf Vohs has received positive feedback from the SAE in Vienna that his composition skills transcend of the material being teached. This is one of many examples. Unfortunately life as an autistic individual is anything but easy due to social deficits such as understanding neurotypical communication.

Rolf Vohs communicates with music but, in contrast, finds it hard to communicate "for" his music.

Soundtrack productions always fascinated him, and therefore, he dreams of an exciting career as a modern composer for film scores and game soundtracks.

Currently: Rolf Vohs creates two symphonies (for live performances) which hopefully redefine quality standards, set a new trend and inspire a generation of musical innovation.


Professional Soundtrack Production
Betin Günes about Rolf Vohs
Betin Günes is a composer and renowned turkish conductor who is the head and founder of the Cologne Symphonic Orchestra and the Turkish Chamber Orchestra (TCO).

He is a worldwide demanded guest conductor and composer for famous orchestras, other than his own, such as the Berlin and London Philharmonic, WDR, and Turkish State Orchestras.
Apart from being an award winning composer, he was also an active jury member of many international competitions.
“ I've met many ambitious musicians. What I like, and especially appreciate about the work of Rolf Vohs, is his incredible stylistic versatility and his keen sense of harmonic perfection. This is one of the reasons I see him as a highly talented composer who will belong to the big forthcoming musicians of our time.
I especially urge the film industry to recognize him as a superlative composer and to build him up.

I myself am determined to perform some of his compositions in future concerts with my chamber and symphonic orchestra „

Website: Wikipedia
Film Score Production
Michael Krücker about Rolf Vohs
Michael Krücker is a german pianist and composer who publicly performs in solo and in conjuction with orchestras.
In addition, he focuses on publishing forgotten repertoire of the romantic era, contributing to a broader public accesibility. Interpretations include compositions from Friedrich Nietzsche.
“ Rolf Vohs is a really uncommonly gifted musician who unites the musical and inspirational moments in his creativity. I wish him and his abilities by heart the success that he deserves „

Website: Wikipedia



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