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• High Quality Music

We can provide a broad spectrum of Custom Premium Music with Quality Audio for Visual Media and Music Artists.
The upper presented high quality musical samples are each tiny demonstrations of the stylistic diversity which we offer here.
Custom composed music may take some time, which usually preeminently depends on your projects level of complexity, but, if time is of essence then we can provide you with custom music compilations, and this royalty free for your convinience. Customers decide the deadline for the submission which then comes available in various high quality music files like 32 Bit WAV and many more.
We also make the PDF Score and MIDI file available for a fee.

Equipped with the latest digital audio technology, we guarantee that in addition to producing highest quality music with unmatched diversity we also offer friendly customer relationships, something we honestly believe is imperative.

Many people are fed up with searching for high quality music. For directors the soundtracks they purchase, be it custom or stock, really either have an extreme tendency to sound like a "hollywood trailer" or "Hanz Zimmer" stereotypical ostinato line. This only shows how desperate musicians have become. Over 90% of composers are inclined and try to follow trends. Unfortunately for the consumer this means a limited choice. This predicament can also be seen in mainstream popular music, where the gradual decline of musical quality severely affects us all. However, this is where we are different. With our specially-commissioned work we try to create new standards where our ultimate goal is to inspire the total reformation of the music industry, an age of passionate and inspired composers, a quality in musicians that has been lost in recent years.

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• Sofisticated Music Composition

If neccesary we use highly sofisticated and acclaimed arrangements. Also a very unique affair is our inductance to use musical counterpoints and special harmonization (audio samples coming soon). First and latter, supplementary to the composers creativity are standard factors when it comes to producing high quality music for multimedia, as very much depends on the sonic diversity. With that said, options here are virtually limitless and will definately exceed all your expectations. Whatever your motives are, be to buy high quality music for motion picture or as a way to complete your next album, we can help you succeed.

The following points are also worth mentioning:

• We buy and work exclusively with the worlds most advanced VST´s.

• We use the industries most advanced workstation.

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